Hydrogen / Ammonia

Power to X (P2X) is an umbrella term for processes and technologies that convert renewable energy and sustainable materials into power fuels. P2X products include green hydrogen, ammonia and synthetic hydrocarbons such as methane, methanol.

While some in the industry focus on fuel cell technologies, we at LCI focus on what we know best which is running internal combustion engines on alternatives fuels, which includes hydrogen and ammonia.

There are quite some advantages running internal combustion engines on hydrogen:

  • Relatively cheap and easily available raw materials
  • Maintenance equal to current internal combustion engines
  • Maintenance can be easily performed by the currently trained technician
  • Very good load transients, not different to properly tuned gas engines (ie 25% till 50% load steps in a few seconds. Fits normal expected profiles.
  • No clean Hydrogen required (i.e. deriving hydrogen from a biomass). H2S up to typical 200+ ppm is not a problem. Also blends with CO2, N2 or other neither a problem and can be handled with current control technology and algorithms.