Since October 2021, Lambda Control International has become an Authorized Sales and Service centre for ECOM emission analysers.

A cost-effective high quality German build product, which we have hands on experience with since the late 1990’s.

ECOM has all sorts of different models, for day-to-day spot monitoring & commissioning (i.e. 12 hour shift) as well as products for continuous monitoring in an engine laboratory or for long term field emission monitoring and logging.

What makes the ECOM product range so special compared to other analysers:

The analysers come standard with long life sensors. For example the O2 cell has a typical life expectancy of 3-4 years and other cells 5-6 years. This sets the ECOM apart from many other brands. There are quite a few users of emission analysers who use the device a few times a year and nothing worse to come to site and then to find out that the O2 sensor is depleted.

Some advantages: A single analyser which can be used for emission measurement of lean burn engines as well as rich burn (up- and downstream of the 3-way catalyst), without any configuration changes. The analyser switches automatically from a low range CO cell to a high range CO cell.

Imagine coming to a landfill/sewage/bio gas site and there is no knowledge what the actual gas composition is. With the optional CH4 cell, the analyser can measure the CH4 content of the fuel gas at the time of your engine commissioning. With your typical gas composition program you will find the required Lower Heat Value (Hu, unterer Heizwert), density and L-stoich for your engine’s ECU to fill in and you are up and running in no time.

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