Stoichiometric & Rich burn engines

Many years ago rich burn gas engines were either tuned to “Best Efficiency” generating high levels of NOx, or Best Power” which generates high level of CO emissions. Emission reduction at either “best power” or “best efficiency” is simply not possible.

Emission reduction for rich burn engines is only possible with a 3-way catalyst and operation of the Air Fuel Ratio in a very narrow window just slightly rich of stoichiometric.

Because the window is so narrow an electronic air to fuel ratio control is an absolute necessity.

The E3/E6 Rich Burn system integrates fuel control and catalyst control in a single system using StableSense™ Technology. The System is configurable for use on inline or V-engines and has oxygen sensors pre and post catalyst.

In addition, the system can be expanded by adding pre and post catalyst temperature and pressure sensors for active catalyst monitoring.

StableSense technology:

The E3/E6 Rich burn system features StableSense oxygen sensors. They are purposely designed for industrial gas engines. While other systems in the market place utilize automotive oxygen sensors that are specifically designed for petrol. StableSence oxygen sensors are not affected by methane or hydrogen resulting in significant longer life and minimum signal drift.

The E3/E6 Rich burn StableSense control and StableSense oxygen sensors have proven to achieve unprecedented emission compliance time. In other words the engine remains in emission compliance significantly longer without human intervention